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BIOL 2903
Connie Kristiansen

Lecture 4 – B , Natural History 1 st February 1  2012  Boreal forest  Western boreal forest  1. The river have not been dammed are habitat for: I. many net-spinning caddisflies II. Black fly larvae ( they become a black flies) – only female bit III. Clubtail dragonflies such as Boreal snaketail  When the dragonflies are newly developed their skin is very soft and delicate, it takes several days for the wings to fully harden and for the colours to develop fully after Eclosion  Teneral stage – is when freshly emerged stage  Eclosion - is the process of coming out their case 2. Western plants are also found in the western boreal I. Such as Green Ash II. Prairie crocus * only found in the WBF Wabakimi provincial park  1. The prairie effect is less felt 2. Still has effect of the glacial Lecture 4 – B , Natural History 2 3. Still has the effect of fire 4. Its also a wilderness park 5. Second biggest park in Ontario ( polar bear proving park is the biggest park of Ontario) 6. Its one of the largest protected boreal forest in the world 7. Typical boreal forest flora live there, they are plants that are shade- tolerant ( most of the plants in the boreal forest are shade- tolerant) I. Bunchberries II. Clintonia III. Canada Mayflower IV. Pink Lady’s slippers are common confirous forest plants a) They thrive in acidic soil b) They are different from the gr *coniferous forest plants 8. Northern plants are there 9. Southern plants 2 because its still is warm I. Eastern White Cedar 10. Lakes are dominant feature in Wabakimi and the BF I. There a lot of fish on this lakes II. Because of the fish we find Common Merganser III. As well Bald Eagles IV. Osprey ( they are a type of hawks) 11. Have peatlands a) Wabakimi has more peatlands than Woodland Caribou because: I. The prairie wind effect is weaker – wind is wearker Lecture 4 – B , Natural History
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