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BIOL 2903
Connie Kristiansen

Natural history of Ontario 1 Lecture W­ 1, 04/01/2012 Biodiversity = Biological diversity  A.   Def: • Total # and variety of living things found in an area B. Ontario’s Biodiversity is more than 100, 000 species  List of frequency ( more seen in Ontario) 1. Insects ( invertebrates – tens of thousands) 2. Birds 3. Fish 4. Mammals 5. Herps C. Why so many animals?   • Because Ontario possesses many plants • Such as Vascular plants more 3, 000 species • Mosses and lichens 800 species • Total plants and Fungus 10, 000 species D.  Why so rich ( why they’re a lot of diversity­ so many plants and animals? )  1. Size – more than 1 million Km2 2. A range of abiotic factors • Range of environmental conditions such as: → Temperature ( some average temperature are below zero in Ontario and others are above zero- some others are dry other wet) Natural history of Ontario 2 → Precipitation ( also varies across Ontario, more rain fall in Georgia Bay) → Wind ( also varies across Ontario) 3. Underlying Bedrock ( rock under the soil) • Rocks are found under the soil • Rocks are made of minerals which plants needs • Rocks breaking down produce minerals • Rocks also affect the nutrients supply and soil chemistry A. Some bedrock are flat and layered → Bcz these rocks are formed from sediments and are called : I) Sedimentary rocks ( are flat and layered, bcz their in a big body of water) Types of sedimentary rocks: • Limestone ( main type of sedimentary rock) which are:  rich on Calcium o the amount of Calcium helps to determine whether is acidic or basic o thus if a rock is full of calcium = basic Ph o (found in lower line, such as ocean)  is relatively soft
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