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8 Feb 2013
First order axon not crossed
Second order axon is crossed
Thalamus- connect
Cranium instead of the canal
Trigenual nerve- 5 - 3 major roots (carnial nerve- 3?)
Perceptual significant numbers of axon potential
Magnitude- analogy how hard pressing down on object
Spatial- receptor fields of axons (small on hand- larger on thigh) - representation
Agnosia- not thinking you don’t have disorder?
Blue- part of thalamus receives input for temperature touch an pressure to cerebral
Only exception is sense of smell- (in which it does not go through thalamus becfore
cerebral cotex)
Adogenous pain systems are mimics by opiutes.
Axon injured-
center connection- cannot be repaired
assending second axon- block pain- cant be regenerated
forbid axon regrowth- no go? Central syste doesn’t want rewiring to occur
motor neuron- peripheral nerve- loss of motor control, actively encouraged to
pheripheral regeneration!
73 feeling, 23 without good surgival realignment
nose dries out middle age
nasal receptor cells are distinct of one another each phenotype- different order
receptor protein
bubls superior to the epithelial plate- axons up to cranial cavity with activates bulbs-
cranial nerve 1 not really a nerve because a nerve project to pheripheral to
sensory. Franial nerve- projects visual to central nervous system- is not a true nerve.
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