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Lecture 4

BUSI 2101 Lecture 4: Organizational Behaviour Lecture 4 Notes.docx

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BUSI 2101
Troy Anderson

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Organizational Behaviour Lecture 4 Notes Motivation ­ What makes us WANT to so something? ­ What makes us PUT EFFORT into one task and not the other? o Difficult to answers ­ Each of us is different – so it takes different things for different people Reinforcement Theory  ­ Behavioural Conditioning o Classical (Pavlov)  Pavlov and his dog with the steak and the bell  Longer period to implement o Operant (Skinner)  Continuous (Pavlov/Classical)  Intermittent (Skinner/ Carrot and the stick) • Shorter period to implement Maslow Hierarchy of Needs ­ Hierarchy: o Self Actualization o Self Esteem o Socialization o Security o Physiological/Survival ­ Criticism o Not everyone needs are the same Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation ­ Intrinsic o Motivation that driven from interest or enjoyment in the task itself o Ex) Tree Hugger ­ Extrinsic o Motivation that is driven by the outcome o Ex) People motivated by money Theory X, Theory Y ­ Theory X o “Managers view worker disliking work, lacking ambition, resistant to  change, irresponsible, want to be led than to lead” o “Tune your ear and listen for assumptions about human behaviour” o “The engineer does not blame water for flowing downhill rather than up,  or gases for expanding rather than contracting when heated. However,  when people respond to managerial decisions is undesired
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