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Michael Runtz

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MARKETING BUSI 2204- LECUTRE 1 Learnmart*  Marketing efforts going on spend about 45 mintues or so looking around or just seitting.  Review the business website  On the basis of your observations ( and assuming that what you see is rep of overall situation) o Identify anything which helped reviews o Describe the marking efforts  Learnsmart on the textbook website WHAT IS MARKETING? Marketing is a set of business practices designed to plan for and organization products or services in ways that build effective customers relationships Marketing is not  Just about buyers and sellers exchanging money for good and services  Or about making a profit Marketers must address the ethical implications of their actions on society in general. Exchange of value in that process we see the organization structure which facilitates the business operations. 1. The fundamental purpose of marketing is to create value of both the firms and customers 2. Value is in essence what you get for what you give up 3. Firms must offer customers something in excess of that being offered by competitors 4. Firms must understand how each aspect of their products/ services creates value for customers. Important requirement of marketing is where they have to help understand where they can create value for customers. ( EXCHANGE OF VALUES) Marketing helps create valye Markerting is about Marketing satisfting entails an customers exchange aeeds and wnats Marketing Marketing can Marketing be perfomed requires by both product, price infividuals and place and organizations promotion
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