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BUSI 2204
Les Melamed

Busi 2204 220113 Lecture 3Contfrom Lecture 2Political environment consists of laws government agencies and pressure groups that influence or limit various organizations and individuals in a given societyLegislation regulating businessIncreased legislationChanging government agency enforcementIncreased emphasis on ethicsSocially responsible behaviourare there enough women ethnic workersCauserelated marketingThe violence of crowdslynch mob philosophy of crowds Someone says something untoward and a barrage ensuesStarbucks is environmentally conscious they use recycled paper cups would they need permission from the government Political EnvironmentRegulatory forcesProtecting Competition and ConsumersThe competition ActSelfregulationConsumerismChanges in the rules relating to 1Intellectual property2telecommunications and3Free tradePredatory pricingCannot price in such a way that it causes the competition to go out of business Cannot charge 001 for bread when competition charges 200Bureau of Competition policyResale price maintenancemanufacturers are not allowed to dictate the price that their products are sold at Political EnvironmentCompetitive ForcesInternational trade egThe growth of Chinese and Indian manufacturingNew competitors locally egWind as new mobile competitorComponents of CompetitionEntryBarriers to Entryestablished customer basePower of buyers and suppliersExisting competitors and substitutes Small business as competitors
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