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Busi 2204 050213Representativeness of sample Google Consumer Surveysconvenience sampling To have the population representedthere are 70 men and 30 women in the populationVery low response rateshave to make the assumption that the opinions of the people you didnt get to are equivalent to the opinions of the people you got to Be careful of large samples find out how they arrived at these survey results Product Services and BrandsBuilding Customer ValueChapter 9 What is a product Can be offered in a market for attention acquisition use or consumption that might satisfy a need or wantServices Activity or benefit that one part can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything There is an overlap all services have some characteristics of products and vice versaDiagram Core benefitCore BenefitActual productnot a core benefit example buying an Apple laptop you buy the brand name Augmented productdelivery and credit Ikea sells a product with core benefits but Ikea will ask for more money for assembly Example Louis Vuitton handbags augmentedproduct by the extensive name placement Offering superior serviceoffering you this service as a defining attribute as something that will enhance the product When you buy a product and it is defective they replace it for you even if it is not entirely their faultAugmented featuresreputation and competence of suppliersClassifying productsConsumer products are products and services for personal consumptionConvenience productsShopping productsSpecialty productsUnsought products
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