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BUSI 2301
Inder S Mann

CHAPTER 10: QUALITY CONTROL A. Introduction Quality control: an activity that evaluates quality characteristics relative to a std, and takes corrective action when they don’t meet stds How is it accomplished? By monitoring and inspecting the product during process - Phases of quality assurance o Inspection before after production (acceptance sampling) > Least aggressive o Corrective action during production (Process Control) o Quality built into the process (Continuous improvement) > most aggressive B. Inspection: appraisal of goods or services against stds a. How much/ how often b. Where/when c. Centralized vs. on-site d. Inputs to transformation to outputs - How much to inspect and how often - Where to inspect in the process? o Raw mtls and purchased parts o Finished products o Before a costly op o Before an irreversible process o Before a covering process C. Statistical Process Control: stat eval of the output of a process during production 1. The quality control steps a. Define the quality characteristics to monitor b. Measure the characteristics c. Compare to a std and evaluate d. Take corrective action if necessary e. Evaluate corrective action 2. Type of variation a. Random variation: (common) natural variations in the output of process, created by countless minor factors b. Assignable variation: (special variation) a variation whose source can be identified: e.g excess tool wear, loss of adjustment, defective materials, human erros/ operator error) 3. Control charts
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