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CHAPTER 6: Process Design and Facility Layout A. Process Selection and System Design - Refers to how production of goods and services is to occur - Variety - Flexibility - Volume - Process types o Job shop: low vol, hi var, small runs o Batch: mid vol, mid var, less flex eqpt o Repetitive: semi continuous, slight flex eqpt, low skill o Continuous: hi vol, hi stdrztn, hi fc B. Automation - Machinery that has sensing and control devise that enables it to operate automatically 1) Fixed automation – rigid, high cost, specialized eqpt 2) Programmable – general purpose eqpt used by a computer 3) Flexible – uses eqpt that is more customized (CAD/CAM, FMS, CIM) C. Process Design - Identifying the activities, resources, and control needed in the production process 1) Define the prod process 2) Conceptual design 3) Embodiment design (prototype) 4) Detailed design - Services are especially vulnerable to quality and delivery problems b/c the customer is present during service delivery and there is little time to fix any problems then D. Layout Design - They require substantial investments of money and effort - They involve LT commitments - They have a significant impact on the cost and efficiency of operations - Basic layout types o Product layout o Process layout o Fixed position o Combination
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