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Carleton University
BUSI 2400
Robert Riordan

BUSI 2400 – WEEK 6 – CHAPTER 8 – SOCIAL MEDIAAND ONLINE TRENDS Web 2.0 - Coined by Tim O Reilly - Represents what most ppl refer to as the interactive web - USG – user generated content - Enhances the ability to promote a sense of online community - Took us from 1 to 2 o Adobe o Javascript o API: application protocol interface Defining Social Technologies and Utility - Social techs are simply purpose built collections of existing capabilities and tools - Usually same concepts sometimes new to offer online experience paralleling offline socializing - Categories of social media o Blogs o Wikis o Social bookmarking o Social networking sites o Social updating software o Virtual worlds o Social endorsement/rating sites o Media sharing groups o Geo-location o Forums Social is for everyone - Arecent study by Nielsen showed that the popularity of social networking and blogging is not limited to younger teens and adults - Social utility o Term that suggests you only spend time on sites that are useful to you o Someone contributes to something you want or need Fostering Utility - Affiliate: the need to belong - Participate: the rules of participation - Validate: social utility, context Design and usability - Design aesthetic and usability are critical components to building a successful interactive media site, the most powerful of these become almost addictive to users - Business
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