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Carleton University
BUSI 2400
Robert Riordan

BUSI 2400 – WEEK 4 – CHAPTER 7 – E-COMMERCE E-Commerce Defined - The use of info systems, technologies, and computer networks by individuals and organizations to carry out transactions in order to create or support the creation of business value - Types o Busi to consumer o Busi to govt o Consumer to govt o Consumer to consumer o Busi to busi (largest) Transaction Description Example Websites B2C Online equivalent of retail Chapters, indigo, telus store as well as other services B2B Electronic exchanges between companies B2G Online sales to govt agencies, Parking tickets as well as electronic pmt of taxes C2G Electronic pmt of taxes as well Netfiile as purchase of various types of licenses C2C Use of online auctions like Ebay, kijiji eBay and similar sites E-Commerce product types - Two categories o Physical – requires actual shipment o Digital – downloadable E-CommerceAdvantage - This advantage is often referred to as the frictionless economy o The ability of the consumer to easily move from thought to transactional action o No need to travel to sore creates new opportunities for businesses to operate at lower costs by electronically simplifying the supply chain o Often transactions are seamless – credit card is already saved… E-commerce Competitive Difference - Red
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