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BUSI 2601
Gilles Le Vasseur

Mike Harris granted cabinet power to close government bodies Didnt need to go to government technicalities First one to go is pension next is health benefits If you work 35 years you get 70 of the best 5 years of salaries If you work 30 years at 55 that equals 85 So at 55 you can retire with 60 of your best salary over your careerContracts Issues pertaining to contract law When we say contract law we talk about an agreement between parties regarding the execution of promises where there is mutual consideration and is enforceable before the courts The idea is that a contract is between different types of persons The idea is that both sides commit to a promise that is enforceable in law Example talked about the janitors at hospitals where there are poop banks is the janitor required to do the cleaning The contract can oblige them to do this Next key thing is what are the legal factors that affect the creation of a contract The first one is communication the relationship in which we inform the parties of the obligations and how to we make sure the parties understand the relationship Second key thing is equal bargaining power we assume that individuals are able to look after their own affairs The objective standard test what would a reasonable person negotiate in a given set of circumstances Would it be acceptable that would b
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