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BUSI 2601
Gilles Le Vasseur

Scenario terminated Which clauses would we like to have in our employment contract For sake of discussion you arent doing anything criminally wrongImplementation of the plan execute the plan Review the plan and monitor it need to make adjustments You can only do as well as the powers you have What you do control you do it right and you do it wellDispute resolution recall litigation is not the optimal route to follow to resolve issues unless it is a necessity and involves principleMediation independent party that will bring the parties to compromise in order to find an acceptable solution for both parties Compromise only exists when people win When you have to give up too much you will not compromise Arbitration independent party that will statute or will determine in a final decision the outcome of the conflict without appeal It is called a quasijudicial process Arbitration is brutal for a lot of institutions Carleton University does not want to have arbitration teachers Professors wanted to have them but the university said no As soon as it goes to arbitration it becomes a legal file rather than a political fileLitigation go before a formal court system This is where we will argue before an independent judge the conflict or issue we are raisingHow to go to court Firs
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