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BUSI 2601
Gilles Le Vasseur

Ethics part of the introanything that brings up a question of morality of provisions stated in contractsEnemy of the statecountries that use violent means or violation of human rights in order to achieve goals SNC Lavallin has been cooking the books for years to hide briberies of foreign officials At the time that NATO was bombarding Libya SNC says theyve lost 56 million in the books and spread it out into different accounts but really they were funding Khadafi google this not sure wtf hes talking about I think the gist of it was that briberies are very harshly punished Terms of contracts expressed vs implied terms Interpretation rules when we have an expressed term how to interpret The more something has a generic sense the more youll give it a generic term Example hockey in Canada it is just called hockey when other people wouldnt know that were talking specifically about ice hockey without having to say ice We will look at the definitions to see if we limited its scope Generic specific scopeTerms that qualify the agreement first one is called the entire contract clause which means that the document is complete in writing If its not in the agreement it does not exist If something is said verbally it is only good it writing The second one is parole evidence rule limited interpretation of written agreement by verbal statements You cannot alter the agreement w
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