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Carleton University
BUSI 2601
Gilles Le Vasseur

We must always think in terms of consequences if you are planning to get married you should also plan to get divorced You need to think ahead in order to have a solution for contingencies Go ahead and try to sell the idea of a prenuptial agreement In law its rational not emotional Marriage is a contract In the business world you have to plan for when things go wrong Why purchase car insurance Because you dont know whats going to happen Same thing in business When you go to litigation the bruises always reappear and the wounds never heal The best vengeance is go and live your life and be happy Midterm final and term paper What he teaches in class will be on the exam They are all development questions In Ontario its common law So it is essentially British law of what is in the commonwealth Definitions are fundamentally essential Common law is based on precedents that define concepts The term paper is an employment contract Is required to look at an employment contract that is applicable to our field of study He referenced the garbage can model of education which most of our classes follow Our society is one of performance if its not you itll be someone else Especially if the other person is better and cheaper 54 of women at the ag
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