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Carleton University
BUSI 2601
Gilles Le Vasseur

Consideration the price you pay for the execution of a promise example ZZ top name where it came from and how important intellectual property is then explained the story of how James Bond got its name Long story short the guy sold the intellectual property rights and youll see this in the credits of every James Bond movie Another example is the Beatles not having property rights until 1967 because they trusted their manager They made much more money after 1967In Ontario if the item is under 10 and the price at the cash is higher than advertized then the good will be free If it is 15 on the shelf and they punch in 16 then the item will be 15 minus 105 Not many people know this Its not because that there is a right that people will fight for it Another example he talked about is if there is an item that is worth 20 and the item is rung in at the cash at 10 then there is no problem because 10 is still reasonable If the item is 200 and it is rung up at 10 then there is an issue because 10 is not reasonableReasonable payment the payment must be reasonable in accordance to the promiseTangent Before 1978 women were not considered equal to men Engagement ring It was
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