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Lecture 2

BUSI 2701 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Individualism, Masculinity, Ikea


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BUSI 2701
Gilles Le Vasseur

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Language does more than just help people communicate with each other; it helps define
In countries with more than one language, one also often finds more than one culture.
Culture and the Workplace
How a society’s culture affects the values found in the workplace is of considerable
importance to an int’l business with operations in different countries.
6 dimensions that summarize different cultures (Hofstede)
Power distance
Individualism v. collectivism*
Uncertainty avoidance*
Masculinity v. femininity
Long term v. short term orientation*
Indulgence v. restraint
Culture Change
Culture isn’t constant, it evolves over time
Several studies suggest that economics be an important factor in societal change
The cultures of society may also change as they become richer because economic
progress affects a number of other factors, which in turn will influence culture
Cross-Cultural Literacy
Doing business in different cultures requires adaptation to conform to the value system
with the value system and norms of that culture
Adaptation embraces all aspects of an int’l firms’ operations in a foreign country,
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