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BUSI 2701

Lecture 3 – Cultural Differences Overview - Understand the business and economic implications of the differences in culture of companies Macro Environmental Analysis - Socio cultural Issues and Trends o Education levels o Population growth rate o Age distribution o Geographic distribution o Ethnic distribution o Income distribution o Spoken and unspoken communications o Religious or ethical systems o Workforce diversity o Attitudes about the quality of work-life o Concerns about the environment o Shifts in work and career preferences o Shifts in product and service perferecnes Cross Cultural Literacy - Understanding of how cultural differences across and within nations affect the way in which business is practices - A relationship may exist between culture and the costs of doing business in a country or region What is Culture? - System of values and norms specific to a certain region of people, taken together to constitute a design of living o Values are abstract ideas o Norms are social rules and guidelines  Folkways – routine conversations of everyday life  Mores – norms are seen as more serious rules that are central to the functioning of a society and to its social life How are culture and Nation State Related? - Not stricktly one to one - Nation state are political where as a culture can engulf several - Nation states can fall or be stressed Determinants of Culture - Culture evolves over time - Determinants include o Social structure  Basic social organization o Religion/ethic
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