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Lecture 1

BUSI 3102 Lecture 1: Intro to Human Resource Managment

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Carleton University
BUSI 3102
Larry M.Coutts

Intro to Human Resource Management Driving Forces for HRM Strategic Priorities related to HRM Attracting skilled staff Improve workforce performance Change management behaviours Change cultureattitudes People (human resources are common in all social organizations) Success dependant on management of human resources Human Resource Management Management of people within an organization using systems, methods, processes and procedures to enable employees to maximize organizational contribution Supports and enables organizations to meet shortterm and longterm goals A means to achieve organizational objectives HRM Issues Legal: Employment equity Economic: Global trade competition Demographic: Gender, Aging population, Shift towards knowledge workers Technological: IT, Flexible work design Cultural: Diversity, Ethics HRM Challenges Workforce shortage Training, Learning, Development spending stagnation Increase in competition Motivational tools for employees should differ HRM activities devolving to middle management (selection, training) Strategic HRM Attract Quality Workforce Develop Quality Workforce Maintain Quality Workforce HR Planning Employee Motivation Job Recruiting Process Orientation Design Selection Process Values, Attitudes Career Development Work Behaviour Work Life Balance Training Compensation Development Benefits Performance Retention Turnover Management
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