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Lecture 6

BUSI 3102 Lecture 6: Week 6(Legal Requirements, Diversity, Fairness & Bias in Selection)

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BUSI 3102
Larry M.Coutts

Legal Requirements Management Challenges • Reduce legal liability • Manage within employment standards, human rights and equity laws Unfair Discrimination: giving of unfair advantage/disadvantage to a particular group in comparison to other groups Civil Rights Act (1964 U.S) • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) o Public sector and Private sector cases handled in different places • Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures o Establish guidelines and legal requirements for selection procedures • Duke Power Company (1971) o Methods must be job related, employer bears burden if they are not • Albermarle Paper Co o Job performance criteria must be specific o “banding” can be used to avoid adverse impact against protected groups • Constitution Act (has charter of rights and freedoms) • Canadian Human Rights Act (only federal control) Discrimination • Intentional: Deliberate use of prohibited criteria in employment decisions • Systematic: Employment criteria that causes discrimination without the intent unintentionally Diversity Includes key human characteristics that influence employee values perceptions, behaviours and interpretations
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