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Lecture 7

BUSI 3102 Lecture 7: Week 7 (Performance Management)

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BUSI 3102
Larry M.Coutts

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Performance Management People management has highest impact on profitability/productivity Employee skills and job design associated with success Performance Management Process 1. Define performance expectations 2. Ongoing feedback/coaching 3. Performance appraisal/Evaluation discussions 4. Determine rewards (bonuses, promotions) 5. Development/Career discussions Effective performance appraisal system is crucial Elements • Identification (areas of work examined) • Measurement (judgements must be consistent) • Performance Management (appraisal should be future-oriented) Human resource people typically like performance appraisal Effective/Legal Performance Appraisal Systems • Job-related and based on job analysis • Properly administered • Provide specific feedback • Use appropriate raters Performance Appraisal (subject to bias) • Systematic description of individual/group job-relevant strengths and weaknesses • Technical/Human Issues are prevalent 1. Observation (perception & recall specific behavioural events) 2. Judgement (integration & evaluation of information) Performance Appraisal Uses • Career Planning/Development • Training/Development needs • Performance Improvement • Find staffing problems • Job re-design • Detect errors in human resource management plan Criteria • Trait-Oriented (traits linked to performance) • Results-Oriented (measurable tangible results) • Behaviour-Oriented (what causes end result?) Factors influencing effectiveness of Performance Appraisal 1. Focus on variables versus traits 2. Meaningful Input (employees) 3. Frequency/nature of s
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