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Lecture 11

BUSI 3309 Lecture 11: Week 11 (Project Closure)

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BUSI 3309
Paul Kendrick

Project Closure Wrapup Closure Activities Evaluations Retrospectives Facilities Team Facilitator Customers Individual Managing Vendors Utilization Reports Team Project Closure Steps 1. Deliver project to customer 2. Get delivery acceptance from customer 3. Close accounts and pay bills 4. Shut down resources and release them to new uses 5. Evaluate team, team members and project manager. Reassign members 6. Create final report Reasons for Poor Evaluations Evaluations of members left to supervisor of members home department Measure team performance only on time, cost and specifications PreEvaluation Conditions Standards and Goals for measurement? Are standards known for team members? Team rewards career path Individual Evaluation Functional: Area manager may solicit project managers opinion Balanced: project manager and area manager Projectized: project manager Conducting Evaluations Ask individual Dont compare with others Be consistent and fair Focus criticism on specific behaviours Multiple Rater Appraisal (360 feedback) Getting feedback of performance from those affected by their work Create Final Report Executive Summary (satisfaction, user reactions, project goals) Review Analysis (resources used, project mission)
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