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BUSI 4205
Jason Baillargeon

Class 3 9/26/2012 4:52:00 AM Slide 2 The Halo effect The staples trap:How we have evolved as a country. Canada’s export: 75% to the US. Is this an issue? Yes because it is not good to be too dependent on one country! If the US goes on crisis it will impact our exchange currency etc. Canada’s import: 51% on US The latest…. Should we be worried about this? Somestimes its not a true depiction of canada’s economy. FDI : see reading reserve A. Canada’s competitive advantage: although Canada possesses abundant natural resources and raw materials, it is insufficient for securing an effective comparative advantage. Slide 3 Made in Canada, Eh? Consumers rely more on PCI (product country image) if their knowledge is low Canada on a platter rising level of foreign ownership in Canada. More than 65% of foreign ownership and is predicted to rise. How is this bad? All the money would outflow out from Canada..billions of dollars. Causing unemployment, inflation, reducing skilled job opp, damaging the country’s economy. Fortress Canada in an Interdependent World that C
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