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Carleton University
BUSI 4205
Jason Baillargeon

Class 2 9/19/2012 4:39:00 AM A true definition of a brand: promise of an outcome that exists for every interaction that a stakeholder has with the brand. Strong brands are the result of careful management of all touch points, involving everyone in the organization!! Tagline and slogan doesn’t always have to be the same, because it’ll be too costly to changes slogans/brand promises every year Brand experience: toilet, smell, everything that gives u that first impression. Basically that touch point aspect Brand management. The issue is what they promise doesn’t align with the actual experience. Try to use a successful brand and extend it to another product, dove shampoo=>dove chocolate. Product experiences usually impacts customer more than any marketing advertisings. Branding/Rebranding! 1. Define it not being able to communicate the attributes of the brand. A good brand (especially for international markets) should be flexible: adaptable across market extendable: if u have many product lines sustainable: u don’t wanna keep changing ur brand promises every 5 year or so. 2. Become it u need tools to become the brand. Branding guide, brand architecture, touch point audit (customer experience making sure it hits all the points), research research and more research Cognition: your
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