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BUSI 4705
Diane H Arnold

Abstract This case study examines the occurrence of an ethical dilemma within an American company operating overseas. Okama, a native Nyferian who works for the company has been misusing the allowance money provided by his company and falsifying rent receipts to cover up his excuses. Okama’s supervisor is now faced with the dilemma on what ethical and best feasible action measures should be taken in response to the finding regarding his subordinate’s wrongdoings. Define the problem The initial step that should be conducted is to identify the main problem and what triggers such issue. According to the case study, the problem occurs when a Nyferian employee relocated from Houston, Texas, Okama, had falsified his rent receipts to cover up the fact that he has been misusing the monthly allowance that the company had provided him for rent, utilities, and servants. When asked about this incident he justified that he uses the money to support many of his relatives to pursue education. This wrongdoing can indirectly impact negatively on the company’s image if external people eventually find about that an employee of Oleum living in the slums. It might spread grapevines that Oleum doesn’t pay enough, doesn’t care for its employee, doesn’t give benefits etc. Prior to drawing any assumptions, Okama’s supervisor should think of the following factors? Why does Okama even bother to give up his monthly allowance? He is provided with many facilities for him to live in comfort but instead, he chose to use the money for other purposes. The key motive for this decision, is that Okama comes from a collectivistic culture where an individual has strong family relations and each individual is expected to support its relatives when in need. Okama demonstrated that family is important to him and that he can not justify living in splendor while his family is in the slums. Method/Theory In an effort to better comprehend what is considered “ethical”, it is necessary to analyze and utilize the framework of certain ethical theory. It is crucial because ethical theories conclude how individuals act morally and the different approaches that exist to defend/oppose such behavior: whether it being ethical or non-ethical. In this case study, the ethical theory of Utilitarianism will be applied when considering Okama’s behavior. Utilitarianism is appropriate for the study considering the fact that it considers all stakeholders and that it aims to be most beneficial to the most people. Action Plan After clearly defining the problem and the applicable ethical theory, one needs to consider the various stakeholders and what alternatives are most ethical, effective and feasible to apply to the pertinent ethical issue in the case. Ultimately an all- things-considered action plan would be generated from this case study. The following are the major stakeholders concerning the problem defined: a. Okama’s supervisor-me b. Okama c. Okama’s family: nephews, nieces, parents d. Other employees in the company e. the public. For each of the stakeholder, suggestions are provided followed by a course of actions that should be conducted for best results that minize the results of negativity. a) As Okama’s supervisor I would initially sit down and have another meeting with Okama. Given that opportunity, I allow myself to explain that his wrongdoings will not only impact himself, but other corporate-level and external stakeholders concerned such as other employees, the company as a whole and the public. Okama’s unethical practice (falsifying rent receipts) may lead on to more severe behavior. Inform Okama that falsying records is never a good idea because he run the risks in getting into serious trouble. Conclusion In conclusion, AFrom a utilitarian stance, by recognizing each person’s immediate value, we respect them enough to address their need for happiness, and thus work to come to the best compromise which meets all the best results for all stakeholders. Oleum is an international oil company that Considering this case, there are several st has been falsifying receipts and misusing the money to support his relatives in pursuing education. win situation, Okama should move to a slightly better neighbourhood and spend half of his allowance on his family’s education. standards and principles of trust, respect and integrity Offer a win win situation, Okama should move to a slightly better neighbourhood and spend half of his allowance on his family’s education. Stakeholders: 1) Okana: if this goes out, he will lose reputation of being a credible person. If company let him do this one time, what’s the chance he will not falsify other documents? 2) The company: Falsifying records is never a good idea, . Best solution is to first explain to Okana that his behavior can lead to unethical issues in the long run. Also explain that living in the slums and lying isn’t the right way to do it. If his main reason motivation behind his doing is for a good cause, the company will let him but if anything goes out Okana has to face the consequences whatever it may be. Offer financial assistance to Okana’s? instead of benefits and bonuses it will go towards scholarship for his siblings. and If you perform well, we will assist and give partial assistance to ur families in need of education. Sign an agreement that he will not do so, if he is caught once again, he will have to face the consequences severe punishment/lose his job. 3) Okana’s immediate families: with opportunities going to school, they can have a better future and in the long run do the same thing to others and contribute to the society 4) Other employees/colleagues: will cause jealousy at work and spread gossips/rumours/
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