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BUSI 4708
David Peippo

Name: Lupita Ardhyaningrum Student Number: 100807173 Course: BUSI 4708 Intl Expansion 1. The pros would be: a) The early adoption strategy of ART can help the company to prevent and combat the spread of the disease not only on its workforce but also the populations of surrounding communities. This early initiative can also help to prevent further loss in operating expenses and declining workers’ productivity in the company. b) Anglo American became a de facto leader in the private-sector fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. It also became a trendsetter for other MNEs to follow suit such as Coke, Ford, and Colgate-Palmolive. c) Received positive reactions and approval from WHO, the Global Business Council on HIV/AIDS, and a host of other NGOs. d) Became a socially responsible company in the global market. This comprehensive program reflects that Anglo American has a good intention on protecting the rights of infected workers. e) The program might have a bright future, as 95% have responded well to the treatment and are working productively. f) The gradual change in the South African government’s view towards HIV/AIDS can further on help Anglo American to combat this national wide epidemic issue of the disease. The cons would be: a) The company had to bear outrageous amount of operating costs to combat this issue, with an estimated $4,000 per employee when the company typically offers $830 for wages and benefits per employee. b) There is a 15% level of non-adherence from the workers who are enrolled in the program and due to harsh working conditions make it hard for workers to take medications on time or to deal with side effects. c) Pressures and oppositions from various constituencies such as the South African government, political leaders, and CEO Brian Gillbertson of BHP Billiton who all thought that the program was not efficient. South Africa’s prime minister uttered the initative as a “vigilante” move designed to place unreasonable burdens on the government. Recommendations: Anglo American should cut down on major costs to support the program in order prevent further waste of money since it can cost 7.2% of the company’s wage bill. Provide only to those who need to be treated and who can adhere to the program. Anglo American should also seek support from WHO and other international humanitarian organizations, and the South African government with the objective of a great cause for the South
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