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Canadian Studies
CDNS 2400
Stuart Lazear

On-line Research Techniques for Heritage Buildings April 3 2013 Guest: David L. Jeanes, vice-president, Heritage Ottawa • Lecture on how to research quickly and efficiently • What’s available and how to use them Some areas for online investigation • Buildings • Neighbourhoods • Architects • Owners-occupants • Historical context • A big challenge is hwo to cite the information- most archives specify how to do this Examples for today • Sisters of the Visitation Monastery o Controversial designation of heritage, • A large walled property in Westboro • Nuns lived there in isolation for 100 years – reduced to 8 nuns o Relevant today because the grey nuns in Montreal, who own one of the longest surviving convents just decided to sell it for student residences • Property sold in 2010, remaning nuns left • Heritage designation process requested by ward councilor and community Another example • Residential house in Sandy Hill – Tuscan Villa style house Tools like Google maps, Google Earth, etc useful for getting a quick look at a building • i.e. Googling Visitation Convent • different perspectives available through Microsoft bing maps – Visitation Convent Birdseye Images from Sisters of Visitation • though they didn’t let anyone in, they posted pictures up Census Information • some standard sources when looking at a building • a familiar research tool for genealogists o library and archives Canada o (Latter Day Saints, 1881) o (subscription service) • Can show national origins, family relationships, occupations, religion, servants, sometimes charateristics of houses (varies by census) Sisters of the Visitation • 1911 Census – Richmond Road Nunnery • shows when the nuns came to the convent – moved in 1911 Newspaper Research • paper of Record. i.e. Toronto Star o online searches now available – i.e. Pioneer, owned by Google • Google News Archive (no longer searchable) o Ottawa Union, Ottawa Citizen, many others o Hit success rate is highly variable o No longer easy to use • Canadian Architect and Builder Online o Covers only 1888-1908 • Always be aware of possible spelling variations, poor quality scanning, publication gaps, etc o Sometimes different combinations of words need to be used o Sometimes names get misspelled Google News Archive – Browsing • If you know the dates, you can look at the newspaper Ottawa and Other City Directories • Can find addresses and some occupants of the house/owners City Directories • Collections Canada/Canadian irectories • Toronto Public Library o City directories • Bibliotheque et archives nationale du Quebec o Lovell’s Montreal city directory • Useful for identifying building owners, occupants, neighbours, architects in practice, etc, using name, street or classified sections Directory search: Skead, Ottawa 1863 James Dyke Background Biographical Information for Architects • Biographical dictionary of Architects in Canada, Robert Hill ( o Lifetime work of architect identification • Dictionar
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