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Lecture 2

CGSC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Visual Perception, Proprioception, Retina

Cognitive Science
Course Code
CGSC 1001
Jim Davies

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CGSC Note - Perception
Process where we organize sensations to produce meaningful experience in the world
From a Cog Sci perspective - it means turning information from one form to another
meaningful representation
Typical Sensory - “Modalities”
5 senses
Audition(hearing), echolocation
Haptics (Touch) - energy
Taste and smell - use chemicals not energy
Kinesthetics/proprioception - related to book
Proprioception is knowing / having a sense of your body
Kinesthetics is the knowledge of action in your body
Atypical Senses
Bowel, Stomach, Pain receptors, Heat receptors
Internal body senses
Illusions give us clues as to how our perceptual systems work
Human Vision:
Extramission Theory
Rays of light emanating from the eye in combination with light in the world allow
us to see
Intromission Theory
Visual perception is accomplished by rays of light reflected from objects
Eyes take in light instead of flashing light from the eye (extra mission theory)
Human Eye:
Light is reflected into the eye and focused on the retina
Light stimulates the rod and cone receptors
Transduction of light into electricity
Rods and Cones on Retina
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