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Lecture 18

CGSC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Universal Grammar, Counterintuitive, Object Permanence

Cognitive Science
Course Code
CGSC 1001
Jim Davies

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Lecture 18: Cognitive Development
Language Development
U-shaped grammar curve
-Went, goed, went
Universal Grammar theory
-The mind has a bunch of switches that get set when you learn a language as
- a child
E.g., “subject omission switch”
-In Spanish you can omit the subject of a sentence, but in English you cannot.
Critical stage: 3-5
During this time children learn 2-4 new words per day to their productive vocabulary, and
twice that for understanding.
That’s 1 every one or two hours awake for years.
They are learning words that they don’t hear that day.
How is this possible?
-Recall suddenly understanding joke you heard years ago
Video Playlist Piagets Stages
One is repeated (conservation task), so skip it.
9 minutes
How Do We Study Babies?
BBC Baby synapse connection
Jean Piaget’s Developmental Stages
Sensorimotor (birth – 2)
Pre-operational (2 - 6)
Concrete Operational (7 - 11)
Formal Operational (11 – death)
1. Sensorimotor Stage (Birth)
Simple reflex action to symbolic processing.
Progress is seen on 3 fronts:
-Adapting to and exploring the environment
Focus on intentional behaviour
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