CGSC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Qualia, Thought Experiment, Lumpers And Splitters

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CGSC 1001
Jan 19
-biggest part of cogni sci.
-not interested in computers, unless it says something about humans.
-tries to make a science that describes human minds.
-discusses biases, mistakes, prejudices etc..
-results are analyzed statistically in order to find meaningful difference
-HCI: how people interact with technology. Computer science does this but focus is different. Psychology
is trying to find out more about people through their interaction with computers. Computers sicence
looks at the interaction in order to create an easier interface for the user.
-evolutionary: less defined by subject matter more about how a hypothesis is formed.
-don’t tie studies all together.
-theoretical academics think about theories and others experiment them.
-nearly every branch of science has a theoretical and experimental field expect psychology.
-not a science, it is a humanities.
-broad subject matters. Do not only study things that are purely empirical.
-thought experiment: create a scenario and think about how it would play out. (Fat man train
-conceptual analysis: is trying to find out what people mean when they use certain words.
-Argumentation: used in lots of fields. Philosophers specialize in this kind of field.
-functionalism is defining entities by how they behave in a system rather than by a brain structure.
-Qualia: feeling/experience of something.
-don’t perform empirical study.
-some people think that just because a word exists it is worthy of study. Assuming the reality just
because we have a word for it.
Computer science
-second largest part of cogni sci
-when programming AI you are trying to figure out how a computer can interact.
-trying to make computers thin the same way as humans.
-Want AI to be smart, if it’s the same as humans so be it, if not they don’t care.
-AI has a bad track record about when or what kind of future AI has.
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