CGSC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Animal Communication, Noun Phrase

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CGSC 1001
Feb 4
-major part of CGSC, because language is complex and explain how human minds work
-symbols are words that are put together. Using grammar etc..
-function: non human animals don’t have capacity for language.
-not very interested in written language. Simply a way to represent spoken language.
-natural: culture over time develops a language.
-language is constantly evolving.
-computer: ways to talk to machine to tell it what to do. Does have syntax and grammer, but nothing
like traditional language
Animal communication
-overtime, the cries for predators or help will be ignored by animals if they are called too often when
nothing is there
-shows that they don’t just react to sound, but remember which monkey made the sound and what
happened afterwards.
Human language
-learning and knowledge of things we can’t consciously bring to mind.
Disciplines of linguistics
-phonology: study how sounds interact.
-syntax: the rules associated with a language. The order of words.
-Np: Noun phrase. “John the person who stood you up last night”
-VP: verb phrase
-when we say sentences we leave a lot unsaid.
-cyc: program that tries to put common sense knowledge into database.
-looks to find out how meaning is stored.
-branch of philo that studies how we should think, what is rational
-major tool in linguistics. They use logical formalism to try and understand syntax and semantics.
Doesn’t always work, but best thing we have.
-linguists look at a puzzle and figure why certain structures can’t be used.
Intra brain communication
-communicating is going on within the brain. Different areas are connecting
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