CGSC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Synesthesia

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CGSC 1001
Jan 14
Sociological level
-sociology and economics study things at highest level. An entire society.
-culture has learned this behaviour and hence this culture has better reproduction.
Learning at the cognitive level
-CGSC interested in processing level.
-production system: theortical entity in the mind. Each production is an if then rule. If conditions are
met, then you do the action that follows. If you see chocolate, eat it
-theory says we have thousands of these in our head. Neurons are implementing the production system
-at every moment the production is waiting for its condition to be applied.
-Production systems are not always fulfilled. Example. If you are full you will not always eat the
chocolate if you see it.
-By changing the parameter or adding another condition is ways in which production system change.
Learning at the biological level
-association happens when two parts of the mind are active at the same time, the brain change so that
likelihood that they are active together in the future increases.
-neurons that fire together wire together.
-cognitive science not interested in this level so much
Learning at the chemical level
-neuron is living cell that uses chemicals to create messages.
-neuron chemical change after experiences
Legitimate level
-ontology is a classification of things.
-every discipline has its own ontology
-for example: ontology of astrology is not precise or real.’
Dismissive of levels
-no point in higher level studies because they can be further deduced by lower level studies.
-some also dismiss lower level studies because it is too specific
Why sociological level?
-group behaviour is more easily explainable for socio
Why cognitive?
-different ways of learning. When asking someone to do a problem in their head, they picture what they
would do with real world object.
-We know because they self report it and errors made are similar to the ones that would be made with
real world object or tactic.
-mental states and processes are defined functionally not anatomically
-you being hungry or angry isn’t happening because of the biology in your head, but because of its
functions and its relation to other things. Being angry means having increased heart rate, propensity for
violence etc…
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