CGSC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Implicit Learning, Frontal Lobe, Intersubjectivity

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CGSC 1001
Mar 22
Language development
-u shaped: kids think they’ve learned the rule and begin to add ed to words for apst tense use.
Eventually they realize their mistake.
-you don’t need to correct kid’s grammar. They will learn on their own. By listening to others they will
implicitly learn
Critical Stage
-things must occur in this stage or else it will never be learned.
-reason this is controversial is because if adult spent as much time studying language as kids, then they
too would learn more.
-during behaviourism he was doing more cognitive studies.
-much of his study would be on his kids.
-focus on environments. Reacting and exploring to the world.
-the stages are flexible in terms of when each individual child enters them.
Concrete operational stage
-can only reason about things that are real.
-because they cant think hypothetically they have difficulty predicting future.
Lasting contributions
-constructivism: when kids interact with their world they are constantly learning. Even when they are
Problems with Piagetian
-pre frontal cortex isn’t fully developed till early adulthood.
-our mind does not enter adulthood at the age of 11.
-didn’t take into account the environment the child was in when determining what stage the child was
in. focuses too closely on their age.
-intersubjectivity: if all working on same task then you have a shared understanding of what you have to
do or want to accomplish
-sometimes by looking at someone’s behaviour you can see what their end goal is.
-scaffolding: collaborating with someone more skilled so that you can learn from them.
-zone of proximal: gets lower and lower with time as kids can do more things independently.
-private speech: helps makes sense of what their doing. When putting a problem into words it will
activate different concepts and might make it easier to solve.
Self control
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