Municipal Hydraulics Lecture Notes Summary

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Civil Engineering
CIVE 4307
David Farrell Mc Govern

Municipal Hydraulics Notes General Bouyancy: Uplift force = weight of displaced fluid Newtonian Fluids: Fluids having negligible yield stress (no str when static) and a constant viscosity Uniform flow: no change in velocity with space (constant cross section) SS flow: no change in velocity with time (constant discharge) Continuity Water considered incompressible, therefore cons. of mass becomes cons. of volume P V 2 Bernoulli: E=z+ + ρg 2g ρliq waterG Forces F=M ∆v=ρQ ∆ v=PA e.g. ∑ F xP A1+1xA −2 A2xρQ3v 3x x Q¿=−ve,Q =out Reynolds Ratio of inertia to viscous force ρvD vD ℜ= = μ γ 64 Laminar: Re<2000, f = ℜ Turbulent: Re>4000, use Moody diagram Friction 1 Municipal Hydraulics Notes 2 L V D-W: hf=f D 2g r= ε Relative Roughness: D Areaof water R= D=4R Hydraulic Radius: Wetted Perimeter , for fully flowing circular conduit, v=kC R 0.6S0.54 H-W: where C: pipe characterstic, S: f/L, k: (metric:0.854, imperial:1.318), R: Hydr. Radius For pipes between 50-1850 mm, and v<3 m/s Type I Type II Type III Know: D, roughness Know: D, roughness, H f Need: Pipe size Calc Re and r Calc relative roughness Assume f Find f from Moody Guess f Solve for D using D-W Solve D-W Find v using D-W Calc Re and relative roughness Calculate Re Adjust f using Moody Adjust estimate of f using Moody Iterate Iterate Minor Losses 2 v H mk 2g L = KD Equivalent pipe length: e f Orifice, based on velocity head: Q=C Ad2g√ Cdis coeff of discharge, 0.6500 Loops: clockwise is positive 1. Simplify network by replacing pipes in parallel or series with equivalent pipes, calc r for each pipe r= 10.66L For H-W: C H 1.8D4.87 , n=1.85 2. Assume flow distribution that satisfies continuity. Apply H-C to each loop and solve for deltaQ ∑ rQ Q∣ ∣n−1 ∆Q= i i rn∣ in−1 hlrQ est∣est−1+rn∣ ∣est−1∆Q 3. Apply deltaQ to the flows and iterate until deltaQ is small 4. To get pressure, add or subtract headloss along path to desired point EGL: total energy in fluid, can’t disagr
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