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Lecture 19

CLCV 1002 Lecture 19: Greek Theatre & Drama and Myths Part - 1

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002
Gahan J.J.

Lecture 19 th 24 March 2017 Greek Theatre & Drama and Greek Myth Part 1: Greek Theatre & Drama ( Textbook Pp145-149) A) Theatre  City (or Great) Dionysia (cf. Dionysus) o The festival occurred 3- 4 time a year during the spring in regards to the patron deity Dionysia o He was worshipped as the god of fertility and other things, that later became dramatic performances th o In the 6 Century the main part was the chorus when the number of the members became fixed at 15 members. o In 530 B.C.: Thespis separated one member from the chorus to interact with the crowds, which means that he is credited with being the father of tragedies, as it is the first instance of dialogue.  The English word Thespian {synonym for the word actor} is derived from his name. o There is the introduction of the second actor which is attributed to Aeschylus o The third actor is attributed to Sophocles and after words it becomes the norm for tragedies.  There were never more than 3 actors on the stage. o Both tragedies and comedies became popular within the city but tragedies remained popular o 3 Tragedies were performed together and they were known as a Trilogy, and all focused-on Dionysia  A forth was sometimes added and would have been known as a Satyr Play  The Satyr Play was less intense and was sometimes comic, acting as a type of comic relief.  Only one trilogy has survived through time and was written by Aeschylus, that had to do with the hero of the Trojan war {known as the Onesteis}. o Today with have 6/7 plays by Aeschylus; 7 by Sophocles, and 19 by Euripides. o Form of a Greek Tragedy:  5 acts (separated by Choral interludes) that are preceded by a prologue & Parodos, followed by an Exodos {everyone leaves} o Aristophanes is another play writer that has works that has survived. (9 for sure + 2 extra)  The Greek Theatre: Building & Actors o Architecture  The Theatre @ Epidauros
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