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Lecture 20

CLCV 1002 Lecture 20: Greek Theatre & Drama and Myths Part - 2

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002
Gahan J.J.

Lecture 20 29th March 2017 B) Drama  Sophocles’ Tragedy, the Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B.C) o 1-168: Prologue  15 members of the chorus offer a prayer to the Gods Zeus, Apollo, Athena and Artemis o 169 - 244: Parodos of Chorus o 245 - 526: Act I o 527 - 572: Choral Ode 1 o 573 - 953: Act II o 954 - 997: Choral Ode 2 o 998 - 1194: Act III o 1195 - 1214: Choral Ode 3 o 1215 - 1310: Act IV o 1311 - 1350: Choral Ode 4 o 1351 - 1677: Act V o 1678 - 1684: Exodus of Chorus A Greek Tragedy according to Aristotle: 5 Acts separated by 4 choral Odes all of which is preceded by the Parodos of the Chorus and followed by its Exodus. (A prologue is a regular component) Part 2: Greek Myths  Religion played a big part of Greek life as it was believed that the gods where everywhere and one had to earn their favour or feel their wrath  They were more concerned with rituals than with Morals o Morals were more for the social aspect of life rather than for religion.  Around 60 festivals took place each year in Athens to ensure that the goods where on their side. o There were holidays that took the place of weekends (which were non-existent) o The focus of these festivals was very clear  Games were held in honour of Apollo in Delphi known as the Pythian games held annually.  Zeus was the patron on games at Olympia
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