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Classical Civilization
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CLCV 1002ANov 13 2012The Peloponnesian WarSources for HistoryIn ancient Greece war and politics were the main subjects of historical writingsTwo major historians recorded the history of Greek wars Herodotus and ThucydidesThucydidesoauthor of the History of the Peloponnesian Waroas an Athenian exile he was able to travel freely amongst Peloponnesian allies allowing him to view war from both sidesoanalyzed and explained history by taking only most important details artistic and subjective accountogives reader opinion on occurrences of the time his is only surviving interpretation of the Waroused speeches to replace direct discussion of the issues involvedoless disposed to view divine justice as influence on war UNLIKE HerodotusAthens was unable to maintain efficient control of its empire expansion of the Delian League until 445 BCCleruchs were formedas military colonies whose citizens were still AtheniansActions that led to the Peloponnesian WaroTroubles at EpidamnusoAlliance Between Athens and CorcyraoPotidaean AffairoMegarian Decrees Economic SanctionsoTheban Attack on PlataeaArchidamian War 431421 BC
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