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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002
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CLCV 1002ASept 18 2012Early Greece and the Bronze AgeEarly GreeceGreek speakers arrived in the region in 2200 BC may have arrived from Caucasus region and Asia MinorSoicetyCultureoHad an individualistic economy no redistribution of resources by an administration to citizensoNo code of law amongst population crimes punished by arbitrationblood feudoLow literacy rate technologically backwardsoSmall population simple village lifestyle most were smallscale farmersoReligionHumane qualities of gods included emotions and wants created in own imageThe Greek gods were superhumans coming from Olympus had greater powers but necessarily humanlikeGeographyMountainous country cannot support big population not enough arable land riversConducive to isolation no roadsNo centralized power fragmented peopleGreek cities were built on Mycenaean sites as they were fortifiedThe Bronze AgeTwo civilizations presided over Greece during the Bronze Age Crete and Mycenae
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