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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002
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Timeline of Events478 BC Pausanias Spartan general leading Greek forces in Ionia betrays side to enemyoEffect alienation of supporters of Spartans to Athenian side loss of naval power477 BC Formation of Delian League31 states joining Athens to form a hegemonyAllowed Athens to gain naval dominance necessary to hold coloniesGoalscounterattack on Persians regaining Ionian citiescompensation for war damagesrevenge on preselected enemiesMembers paid tributes ofshipsmoneyAthens eventually held great control on members eg head council at League Assembly was composed of Athenians464 BC Spartan Earthquake Helot RevolutionSparta called for aid from allies including Athens to put down rebellionAfter debate Cimon sent Athenian forces to support SpartansAlone amongst allies Spartans rejected help of Athenian troops when they arrivedConservative platform was shaken Democrats gained power460445 BC First Peloponnesian WarAthens hoped to extend its control beyond Leaguearule of Northern Peloponnesebmonopoly on sea links to Black Seacrevenge on enemies support of Persian defectorsdcontrol of shipping routes to westchallenged Corinth for trade supremacytook control of Megara for unique port of PegaeSparta and allies Corinth Thebes etc fought against thisAthens won many battles looked to secure victory454 BC Disaster in EgyptGreek troops looked to aid Egyptian rebelsBesieged on island by Persians massacredShook Athenian confidence greatly454 BC Transfer of Treasury to AthensAthenians lost all land gained in warirebellion at Euboeaquellediidefection of Megariansreverted to Peleponnese
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