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Lecture 4

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Classical Civilization
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ndOct 2 2012Ancient Greece Lecture 4 Test truefalse multiple choice label outline mapstndththMaps on inside cover pg 12 XII 1 2 4 and 6 mapSparta and AthensMost of what is known about Greece in the Classical Period revolves around Athenscomes from AthensAthens was a magnet for writerspoets etcSparta unlike most Greek polis did not live in a fortified city but in 5 villagesSparta was made up of the last Dorian immigrants who came from the northMuch of Sparta made up of helots and the areas around central Sparta were called perioeci who were somewhat autonomous No Spartan was allowed to trade outside of Sparta and they did not have their own currencySparta ruled by 2 kings was relatively wealthy and created high quality artpotterythBy the end of the 7 century Sparta was transformed into an almost communist state which was said to have been started by Lycurgus The new Spartan constitution kept having 2 kings but the kings were supervised by 5 ephorEvery nine years they would look to the sky for signs if the sky showed any bad signs they could dispose of one or both kingsAlso a council of elders called Gerousia containing around 30 men over the age of 60Also an assembly made up of men over the age of 30Males over 30 did nothing but prepare for military service Elders inspected newborns to see if they were fit to serve in the military and if not they were left to dieWhen they turned 7 if they were male they were put into packs and began training to become fit and loyal to the state
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