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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002

Greek CivilizationCLCV 1002A The Classical period 429323 BCLasts from The Persian Wars 490479BC to the death of Alexander the great 323 BC The Persians never managed to take over the Greek World Although they never try to invade again they buy their way in using politics The Persian empire of Darius the Great 500 BC They occupy a hugely vast area compared to Greece The Greeks want the luxury of the Persian empire the cultural clash between Greece and Persia is a misconception The Ionian Revolt 499494 BC Milletus wants to escape the rule of Persia The leader of Milletus wants the help ofSparta but Sparta says no they then ask Athens for help the Athenians agreeTogether they take Sardis part of the Persian empire By 494 the Persians defeat the Ionians and sack Milletus because they cannot afford to have a revolt The battle of Marathon 490 BC Shortly after quelling the revolt the Persian king sent an army to punish the Athenians for participating in the revolt They arrive on the Marathon coast and anchor easilly in this location where they prepare for battle The Athenians know they are outnumbered by at least 21 and ask for help from any other Greeks especially Sparta The Spartans actually do send some military but the army only gets there a day after the battle The Athenians did end up being outnumbered by 21 but they won the battle by attacking hard and fast early in t
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