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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002

thMarch 6 Greek PhilosophyPhilosophia love of wisdom love of pursuit of knowledge Ancient philosophers ask 2 big questions 1 What is the nature and origin of the cosmosNatural philosophy sciencesLooking for the arche materialism interested in what the matter of the universe isTrying to explain universe without divine2 How can we best live our lives in the worldEthical or moral philosophyGrows out of first question Wonder how world came to be wonder how humans came to be and our purposeNature of life itself ontology90 of our words in science and medicine come from Greek The PreSocratics All those who existed before Socrates everything after him influenced by his life and ideas A The Milesian School 600 BC on Earliest philosophers in Greek world from Miletus Not teaching a consistent theory so not real schoolPursuing question of origin of universe Base theories on observation of world around them and belief on power of human reason applied to those observationsNot one Greek philosopher engaged in experimentation to prove theoriesLook at world around them and hypothesize on how it functionsThis means occasionally they get it wrong because dont test theoriesEx Aristotle thought women had fewer teeth than men because they are smaller than menBecomes a problem with many theories in ancient sciencePlaying off theories of one another Dont necessarily agree but bounce off each other Look for original element in universe and 4 elements Earth air fire waterArgue about which of these elements are the original archeelement of universeThales thought water was original element of universe Why Maybe because water is an element that remains even when it undergoes physical changes becomes solid or gas As gas it is air believed if decrease density of gas it could become fire in ancient worldWater is the original element in Thales not arguing for divine action in creation of universe Anaximander the apeiron infinite
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