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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002

thMarch 8 CLCV 1002 B Socrates Talks in public but does not have formal students does not run a formal schoolHe does not consider himself to have knowledge yet people flock to himSocrates teaching method Engages in conversation he speaks to people Talks to one person and other people come and listen1 Define topic of discussion Pick an absolute value truth beauty love justice and try to define it Words have different meanings people have different concepts of different words Socrates asks interlocutor for a definition then provides examples that dont fit that definition Arete means excellence to sophists ormeans virtue by Socrates and his students 2 Counter examples reveal ignorance If can prove definition is insufficient then revealing ignorance of person who proposed definition Breaks down interlocutor shows them they are ignorant But doesnt do this from a position of power Admits I dont know anything either but let us try to figure this out and learn something together 3 Collaborative conclusion knowledge virtue No man does wrong willingly all criminal activity is just a misunderstanding If knew what justice was would want to employ it in your own life If know what it is would want to pursue it Absolute values in themselves are desirable The dialectic method Present thesis thenantithesis test original hypothesis opposite of thesis so come to a better understanding called synthesis bringing togetherBirth of the scientific methodAlso called the inductive method learn by examplesWhy Plato wrote philosophy down in dialogues mimicking the way Socrates taught peopleExtremely unusual for philosophy dialogue format was a dramatic method of Most philosophers wrote their philosophy in treaties Socrates hated the sophists but his way of teaching comparable to sophists Average people would not be able to distinguish between them Sophists taught rhetoric and were famous for the definition of terms so focused on the meaning of words and what combo of words was most persuasiveSocrates also asks for definition Both talk about arete mean different things to them but both agree that arte can be taughtThe trial of Socrates 399 BC Platos ApologyPeople misunderstand Socrates present him as a sophist essentially Plato says At least 6 different authors wrote apologies for Socrates 2 survived PlatosXenophonHistorical accuracy of speeches in questionWhat is an apology Does not mean saying sorryApologia speech in response ie the defense
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