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Classical Civilization
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CLCV 1002

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thCLCV 1002 BMarch 20Greek Architecture The Parthenon Pheidias the most famoussculptor of his day was in charge of the building projectNo straight lines on building every single block is uniqueMelding of architecture sculpture and painting 3 elemants of decoration on Parthenon The pediment filled with marble sculpture the doric frieze marble sculpture done in high relief and ionic frieze low relief sculpture no breaks between different scenes unlike doric friezeThemeof decoration triumph of order and civilization over chaos and barbarismCant depict human events on temple must depict Gods or MythologyMessage that Athens represents the highest form of Greek civilization Also a cult statue of Athena The PedimentsShow events from Athenas mythologyEast pediment shows the birth of Athena mythPlaced within a cosmic setting Sun God on right Moon Goddess on leftWest pediment shows Athena versus Poseidon How they competed to be patron Deity of Athens Poseidon strikes rock and salt spring flows out Athena strikes earth and out flows the first olive tree Athenians pick Athena Style of sculpture is innovative wet tshirt style drapery Drapery is more revealing their body than hiding it Drapery clinging to every curve of the body Doric FriezeTriglyph Panels between figural scenes vertical linesMetope Means face high relief carved Alternate betweenthe two Doric friezez runs all the way around Parthenon each different side of Parthenon has different theme of mythologySouth side was not seen much so didnt matter Now most preserved part When Christians later took over the Parthenon South side Depiction of Centaurs versus Lapiths Lapiths win order triumphs over chaosOther sides showed Greek conquering Amazons Trojans and Gods battling over Giants Metopes were painted in deep rich color Extra details added by painters Ionic Frieze Low relief also painted Dont see ionic frieze until get into the templeCarved so deeper at the top than the bottom
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