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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1003

1CLCV 1003Terms 4Class of Friday October 122Early Latin Literature Ennius 239169 BC known as the man of three hearts because he knew 3 languages his native Oscan challenged Latin at the time Greek and Latin He was the father of Latin poetry and wrote many tragedies and a few comedies but his works survive only in fragments WroteAnnales a history in dactylic hexameter that started from the founding of Rome ndand went to Enniuss own time it omitted the first Punic war but included the 2 which he served inPlautus 254184 BC wrote comedies exclusively 20 of which survivehis Menaechmi or Brothers Menaechmus is the source for Shakespeare in his Comedy of Errors and more modernly The Boys from Syracuse his works also provided the basis for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ForumTerence 185159 BCwrote his first comedy the Andria when he was only 19when he died at age 26 he had written five more all 6 of his comedies surviveUnlike Plautus Terence did not write for a living he had patrons who supported him so he wrote for the patrons Plautus wrote to please the massesthis enabled Terence to write comedies that were more sophisticated and less humorous3Golden Age Latin Literature4HistoryCaesar 10244 BC Livy5Oratory Letters PhilosophyCicero 10643 BCalmost exact contemporary of Julius Caesarhas 60 surviving oratories about many notable figures flaws strengths weaknesses etccampaigned to become Consul did in 64 BC and discovered plot to overthrow the constitutionCatiline Orations series of orations denouncing Catiline man who was part of conspiracy to overthrow the constitution along with followers900 letters both sent and received by Cicero survive and are a good source of candid 1 There were no terms for Friday October 5 University DayNo classes2 Cf Kamm pp 1521543 Cf Kamm pp 1551644 Cf Kamm pp 1661675 Cf Kamm p 170
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