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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1003

Terms 10 --- 131206 Socrates • Socrates one of the first Greek Philosophers • He was the teacher of Plato • There is nothing of his writing that have ever been found , all mention of his works come from Plato Xenophon • Historian, soldier and philosopher • He wrote the surviving Hellenica • He also wrote and experienced the ‘March of the Ten Thousand’ o We took part in this expedition o A group of Greek mercenaries went to dethrone the King of Persia. After the battle of Cunaxa, the soldier were lost and tried to find their way home. There were completely lost until they sound the black sea and were able to return to Greece o Artaxerxes II; was a king of Persia o Cyrus the younger; he mounted the expedition in hopes to dethrone his brother Artaxerxes o Battle of Cunaxa; the Greeks won but later found out the Cyrus was killed the fight was for nothing Battle of Leuctra • Thebans verses the Spartans • The Thebans which shattered Spartans immense influence over the Greeks Epaminondas • A Theban general • He transformed the Thebe city-state, leading them out of Spartans rule and gave them a preeminent position in Greek politics • The lead the Theban army again the Spartans during the Battle of Leuctra Battle of Mantinea • Tyrant Machanidas (Macedonian) verses Sparta • The major land battle of the first Macedonian war Philip II • He was the king of Macedon • He spent his first years in slavery at Thebes • He is that father of Alexander the Great • He was assassinated o No one know who exactly assassinated him o Believes that it was the Persians Demosthenes • An Athenian politician • He was the enemy of king Philip II • We would try and convinces his fellow Athenians that King Philip II was growing to strong and that they should act. But by the time they acted, it was too late • Demosthenes wanted to learn to speak proper Greece and articulate well, so he would walk to the shore were the waives would drown him out, and he would put rocks in his mought to make him articulate better Philippics • This was the name of the speeches were Demosthenes would speak against Kin Philip II Battle of Chaeronea • Athens and Thebes vs. King Philip II of Macedon • Macedon won • First Mithridatic war League of Corinth • Establish by King Philip II of Macedon • It was a federation of Greek states and Macedon • This league was established after the battle of Chaeronea • The leagues goals were to unite the army’s and attack Persia Olympias • Wife of King Philip II • Mother of Alexander the Great • Some believe that she may have assassinated king Phillip II of Macedon Aristotle • He attended the Plato academy • He left Athens when we was accused of stupid crimes o I will leave before you comit a second crime to philosophy • He left Athens and moved to Macedon and becam
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