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Classical Civilization
CLCV 2904
Greg Fisher

Roman History week 3The roman armyless important for examOne of the most important agents of Roman policyImpossible to talk about Rome without mentioning thisCentral institution in Roman society it was a duty and a rightMade of any able bodied men younger than 46Eventually became a professional forceHaving a citizen militia made it a more reliable forceEmbedded militaristic ethos into societyAllies were citizens without vote Latins and EtruscansHad to be a Roman citizen and own propertyHeavy infantry was the main force cavalry sucks and costs too muchEarly army was small1000 10 000 peopleChanged over timeTraining in the spring campaigned in the summer working in the fallGrowing professionalismEarly army known as Servian army Servius TulliusProperty classes and qualifications made the decision of which part of the army you were in Poor were skirmishers had sling shots and rocksBetter farmers were heavily armed infantry soldiersAge was also different juniores best health fought on front lines and seniores more experienced used to steady juniorsBackbone is still infantry much cheaper and easier to get moreStirrups were not invented yet so cavalry arent really usefulrdPolybian legion still based on infantry 3 centuryBasic makeup Legion 4200 infantry and 300 cavalryCavalry equiteswealthiest Divided into 10 groups of 30 equestrian orderInfantry organised by property and age like Servian systemInfantryPoorestyoungest velites skirmishers 1200legion3 lines of heavy infantryFront hastati juniores 1200legion spearmenMiddle principes juniores 1200legion first menRear triarii seniores 600legion steady first two lines reserve forceBasic tactical units of Polybian army
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