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Classical Civilization
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CLCV 1002

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CLCV 1002 B March 13th 2012
Greek Education
Education is an aristocratic pursuit
Only Sparta had a public education system (in order to make citizen population elite)
2 systems of learning:
Early period
If your dad is a stone mason, you become a stone mason
Learn by doing
Option for an aristocrat who was expected to lead a public (political)
Learn the ropes by watching mentor
Learn by experience, follow person around
Young man in his teens
Richer you are, the better mentor you get
Aristocratic lifestyle:
Days spent in physical exercise, doing things like hunting
Come home eat night and spend evenings at symposium
Symposium = Make interesting and educated conversation (about politics, world affairs, etc.) and do
some entertaining (brief speech, sing a song) then eventually get really drunk
Gymnastike (all atheletic training). “The things that you do when you are naked”
Greeks trained for all sports in the nude
Not just for useless pursuit like hunting also help become a good soldier for your country
Every single male trains their physical bodies at gymnasia (huge public gym)
Mousike: social aspect. Gives us English word music.
Includes all facility with language, including poetry (poetry is song)

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CLCV 1002 B March 13th 2012
Learn to play instruments, read/write/do arithmetic, write poetry
Mousike is everything under the Muses” (9 goddesses who are patrons of learning)
- “A speaker of words and a doer of deeds” *Homer+
- Speaker of words= How to speak in public, rhetoric
- Doer of deeds= ability to fight in battle
Prepare them for their role in life just like for men
Role is to run the household
Some women were trained in philosophy but rare
Average woman not sent outside home for education
Know reading, writing, arithmetic
But not same formal training as boys except for the richest families
Aristocrats often send their girls to a “finishing school to learn skills they needed in public life
One important public duty to do with religion
Women have power of giving birth so have important role in religion
Need to be trained in mousike 9song, dance, poetry)
Poet Sappho of Lesbos (woman) ran one of these schools
Called the 10th muse, seen as a poet on the order of Homer
From rich family, wrote poetry on commisiion for aristicrats
Very famous
Group of young girls (at age of puberty) that she taught religious worship, song and dance so they will be
elite performers of the ritual in their community
Thiasos- training ?
Lesbos gives us word
Within school, in preparation for their marriage, have a sexual and romantic relationship that is safe
So not have a relation with a boy but with other girls in school or with Sapho herself
Homosexual desire is part of the thiasos
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