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Lecture 10

CLCV 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Caryatid, Ictinus, Polykleitos

Classical Civilization
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CLCV 1002

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Greek Architecture and Sculpture
Development of the Greek Temple
-Attributed to the Mycenaean megaron with its porch, vestibule, and main room (megaron proper)
-Interior porch followed by vestibule and long cella (megaron proper) with columns everywhere
(colonade); occasionally have a back decorative porch as well
porch = procella
back porch = opisthodomus
-Temples generally face east on a three step platform with forest of columns enclosing area for deity in
the cella
-stylobate > flat platform that supports the columns
-capital > mediates between the column and the load above it
-Architectural orders:
Doric frieze > triglyphs + metopes
Ionic frieze > plain or continuously carved
Buildings on the Acropolis
-The Propylaea 427 BCE
Large staircase leading up to façade of Doric columns / temple
Built by Mnesicles
-Parthenon 447-438 BCE
pediment > relief, show birth of Athena, competition with Poseidon
-Built with native Attic stone called Pentellic; no use of cement ; 8 columns on the end, 17 columns on
the side; columns larger in middle (entasis)
Intact till the 17th Century CE when explosion blew out south side
Marble was roughly cut in quarry and then shaped and transported onsite
Fluting and entasis of columns
Built for Athena Parthenos; architects were Ictinus and Callicrates, Pheidias head sculptor
(Chryselephantine, gold and ivory statue of Athena Parthenos)
-Temple of Athena Nike (420 BCE)
built by Callicrates
Small temple
5 x 8, no columns
Ionic frieze
Temple walls (walls of cella) make no room for colonnade
-Erectheum (end of 5th Century BCE)
built by Mnesicles
Ionic temple
Named after King Erechtheus
6 columns across front, normal 3 step platform, continuous ionic frieze
Sanctuary to Athena here and to King Erechtheus
Temple stands on edge of the acropolis
Caryatid Porch
-six of Athena’s maidens
-support the roof
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