CLCV 1003 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Rhea Silvia, Villanovan Culture, Augury

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Jan 11
CLCV 1003 A
Early Rome and Roman Republic I
The Basics of Time:
BC eas efore Christ, AD eas anno domini after Christs irth.
More oder: BCE eas efore oo era, ad CE eas oo era.
o The third century BCE = from 300 to 201 BCE.
o The first century BCE = 100 to 1 BCE.
o Cira eas aroud aout, areiated as .
example: c. 450 BCE.
The Bronze Age: (3000 to 900 BCE)
Villanovan and Latial cultures.
o Identified by evidence of how people are buried, and archaeological urns
containing cremated remains (of elite people).
The Iron Age/Archaic Period: (9th to 5th century BCE)
Building of Greek style culture when the Greek people migrated into Southern Italy; an
interaction with the native Italians.
Greek people living in Italy and Rome ultimately affects the beginning of their new
o Magna Graecia = Great Greece.
Cumae Nestors Cup: 750 to 700 BCE
Found in Italy, but has a Greek text upon it
The earliest known Greek inscription, and includes the religion and tradition of the Greek
(Nestor being a King in the story of Troy).
Understood from the people of the 3rd century BCE.
Written out for us by Livy (mainly), Dionysus, Plutarch and others.
Romulus and Remus:
In the 8th century BCE, they were twin boys born to a daughter of a king named Rhea
Silvia; there was legend that her sons would overthrow the king.
She was raped (unclear of by whom), and as a result became pregnant.
Worried for their welfare, she abandons her sons outside the city.
o The boys are suckled by a wolf (Lupa), and then raised by a Shepherd.
Typography of Rome:
Romulus wants to found the city on the hill of Palantine and Remus wants to found the
city on the hill of Aventine.
They asked the gods (augury) based on the birds.
Romulus ends up killing Remus to get his way (in 753 BCE).
o Therefore, the city was founded on the hill on Palantine.
When realizing that the city has no women, they throw a party and invite Sabine people.
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